Why Men Dump Women – Reasons Why He Left You

Published: 18th July 2009
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If you are your boyfriend recently broke up, you may be wondering, why men dump women. This article will help you understand the reasons men break up with women and help you get him back.

But before you make a decision to get your ex boyfriend back I want you to throughly evaluate the relationship and the reasons it fell apart because if you just want to get your ex boyfriend back, the reasons he broke up with you will still be there once you get back together. Unless you and your ex boyfriend are willing to work on fixing your relationship, getting back together may not be the smartest option. This is why we need to go over the reasons why men dump women.

First you need to realize that one of the reasons men dump women is that women became too emotionally dependent on their men. This puts a substantial burden on the relationship and causes a strain on the relationship.

If you were to become too needy and dependent on your man, he may not want to sustain the relationship.

Another reason men dump women is that women become too pushy too early on in a relationship. If you are pressuring your boyfriend to give you more commitment than he is ready to give you, this would be another reason he wanted a break up.

Now, listen to me carefully and pay close attention!

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