Why Don't Men Call When They Say They Will?

Published: 09th March 2009
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Is your boyfriend playing games he does not return phone call? When your boyfriend ignores your phone calls you are tempted to call him again. But not knowing the reasons he stopped calling can lead to a disaster. Not knowing how to handle calling men you are dating has caused disastrous consequences and even break ups.

How soon should a boyfriend return phone calls? It really depends on your specific situation. If your boyfriend won't return phone calls, there are things you must know about men that determine your plan of action you must take when a man doesn't return your calls.

I receive lots of e-mails from women all over the world asking me what to do when your boyfriend doesn't call or text.

A man who doesn't return calls always has a reason for doing or not doing so. I remember a line from a movie whereas a woman calling her friend sobbing. When her friend asks what's going on, she says, Why didn't my boyfriend text me back? My boyfriend doesn't return phone calls! What should I do to make him call me? And her friend says, what was the last thing you told him when you spoke to him? Don't ever call me again or else I will get a restraining order!

Ok, this was a comedy, but in real life, what was it that you said last time you saw him? Did you have an argument? Did you fight? Did he seem upset when you said or did something?

Think about the reasons that cold have lead to this situation and many times you will see what made him stop calling you.

But what if you simply can't think of anything? What if he stopped calling you after dating for weeks or even month? Sometimes men just stop calling cold turkey and avoid explanations. What should you do?

Don't make another mistake and don't make another call before you read Why He Doesn't Call

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