Why Doesn't He Call Me? What To Do When He Doesn't Call

Published: 20th July 2009
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Telephone calls have been the subject of great confusion for women since the invention of the telephone. When you are waiting anxiously for a guy to call, and the phone doesn't ring, the question, why doesn't he call me? can be very disturbing. This article will help you identify the reasons why guys don't call women in certain situations.

In order to understand the underlying reason why men don't call, you need to first accept the fact that men and women generally regard phone calls differently. For us, women, telephone calls are an integral part of a relationship. When there is a phone call, then there is a relationship. And when a guy doesn't call, it is easy for us to drift apart.

For men, however telephone calls are not a big of a deal. Phone calls don't identify a relationship, or the level of involvement. A certain guy can like a woman very much, but calling her on a regular basis is a whole different game.

Guys are more of action oriented human beings. They don't like to chit chat on the phone for hours. It is much more likely that he is going to call you when he wants to see you, meaning that guy are more likely to use telephone to set up an actual date, but not to just chit chat about the weather, shopping and everything else that we women tend to want to discuss for hours on the phone with our girlfriends.

Now, listen to me carefully and pay close attention!

If it has been a while and you still haven't heard from a guy, if you have been calling him endlessly and he hasn't returned your phone calls, you need to take some action and make him call you!

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