When a Man Dumps You

Published: 16th October 2008
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What to do when a man dumps you? How do you get your boyfriend back? When to call him and when not to call him? Is he going to call me after the break up? Should I call him after the break up?

If you have read the book Don't Call That Man, if teaches you to avoid calling your man and how to move on. It teaches you to grief and mourn and forget your ex boyfriend. But is it the right approach to the situation? Perhaps there are ways and strategies that can get your man running back to you. Crawling back to you. And asking you to take him back.

Perhaps it all seems gloomy now that you are fresh out of a relationship. You are in denial. Did he really dump me? you are asking yourself. It doesn't seem real. You simply don't believe what's going on. You keep rehashing all the good memories. All the things you did together as a couple. And it seemed like it would never end. Is it really the end? Are there ways to get your man back? Is he a commitment phobic? You ask yourself. Why did he pull away as soon as he started getting closer? Did I scare him off? Why did he become distant all of a sudden?

First of all, when a man leaves the relationship, you need to stop blaming yourself. It is not something you did. It is not something you didn't do. It's just that the relationship took the wrong turn. Sometimes it happens even in the happiest relationships. Little things start to get in between the two of you. And next thing you know, he is leaving you. Can I get him back? You ask. The answer is definitely yes. But how can you get him back? Does calling him endlessly and begging him to see you help? If you have tried it already, you know if doesn't help. It actually does the opposite effect. What do you do then? Check out this useful dating advice

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