Should Women Call Men?

Published: 17th October 2008
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Dating and relationships can be complicated. It is especially difficult to find all the answers in the beginning of a relationship, when nothing is clear and the woman is not sure how to handle a situation with a man she is dating. One of the most commonly asked question women ponder is whether they should call the men they are dating, how to handle telephone calls to and from a man, and what is the calling protocol for calling men in a dating relationship.

Women write to me often asking me all those calling related questions in all possible variations. First of all, many women want to know why men do not call after the first date. I understand that by first date women mean a date that occurred after initial introduction via an online dating site. That is the question that tortures women the most. Meeting a man online is already much different from meeting someone via traditional channels, such as friends' introductions, meeting at a bar or a restaurant, or through work. When you meet a man via traditional channels, you can pretty much say with assurance that after the first date he'll call you unless some sort of disaster happens on your first date. But when you meet a man on a dating site, chances are the first in-person impression will be made when you actually meet on a date. So how do I know if he will call me? The answer could be simple: Don't call him and you will find out.

I recently posted a very long article about calling men and generally handling communications with a man you date at Calling Men. It deals with all different aspects of calling and otherwise interacting with men in a dating relationship, beginning with the first date, to a casual dating relationship, to a committed relationship.

I certainly hope that you will utilize the tactics to your advantage and build a healthy relationship with your man by putting that information to work.

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