Should I Call Him? How To Tell If You Should Call Or Wait

Published: 13th March 2009
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There are times when you should call and there are those when you shouldn't. So how do you know when to call and when not to? Here is a test you can use to decide whether you should call this man.

Have you called him repeatedly with no success? If you call too much and he doesn't answer, get a hint. The reason he is not answering the phone when you call is because he either can't answer or he doesn't want to answer the phone. Does he has a caller ID? If so, that would be another strong indicator that you should probably quit calling him at least for now.

Did he say he'd call and he isn't? Have you tried calling him? If he said he'd call you, he probably will. And if he doesn't, there are things you should not do. Oftentimes women start acting on emotions ruining a chance of a potential relationship before it starts or prompting the end of a relationship where it wasn't supposed to end.

Was he supposed to call you at a certain time and he stood you up, or did you arbitrarily decide that it is time he called? Give it some time and if you still don't hear from him, don't panic.

There are things you can do to significantly increase your chances of getting a call from a man you like if you play your cards right.

There are strong psychological buttons you can push to make a man call you. Unfortunately most women don't know what they are. And now knowing what those emotional buttons are, they make all the wrong moves which may often result in a break up and never hearing from this man again.

If you are asking yourself whether you are calling him too much, you probably are. What you should do instead is to learn how to utilize the power you have as a woman to make a guy call you.

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