Should I Call Him? He Doesn't Call Me!

Published: 10th March 2009
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If you haven't heard from a guy after a great date you may be wondering, should I call him? Perhaps he's lost my number and is not calling me because he doesn't know how to get a hold of me. And this would obviously be a legitimate reason for calling him, right?

Could that really be that he's lost your number? Or was it something that you did or said that made him change his mind about you? You can be going crazy trying to analyze your behavior on a date with this guy. At times a man will tell you straight up, hey I don't think it's going to work. Some men will even tell a woman they don't think they are a match even when the women has no interest in seeing him again.

Men are just not wired the way women are, and they don't pick up on subtle intuitive signals a woman is sending. You may be extremely nice and polite on a date and he will perceive it as interest. Yet, you have no romantic interest in him. In which case you really don't care if he likes you or not, if he will call you or not. And deep down you may be hoping that he won't call you again and that he won't pester you anymore.

But sometimes we meet a man and feel that instant attraction. We may even think he could be the one. We have a great time chatting and laughing. It is a fantastic date overall and we certainly hope to see this man again very soon. In fact, we sometimes hope to hear from this man the same night.

And the waiting period after the first date may be the most nerve wrecking time in the relationship. It is when the uncertainty is the highest.

But what if he doesn't call after a date that seemed to go so well? Should I call him just to check in with him? Should I call him just to remind that I still exist? Should I call him just to make sure he has not lost my number?

Is it better to call him first or to wait for him to call? And what is an appropriate amount of time to wait before calling a man?

Generally men will call women they like within a three-day period after the first date. They have this three-day rule that I am sure you know about.

But what if three days have passed and you still haven't heard from him? That's when a lot of women get anxious and start wondering, should I call him myself?

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