How to Make a Commitment Phobic Man Commit

Published: 16th October 2008
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If you are dating an emotionally unavailable man, you are probably wondering if it is at all possible to make him commit to a relationship with you. Emotionally unavailable man is someone who for some reason is dead set on never committing to anybody. While there are men who are outright players, there are also good honest men who have been burned in the past and are gun shy of commitment. Taming a player is one thing. Making an emotionally unavailable man commit is different.

One of my best friends is forty something year old divorced man. He has two great teenage kids, great friends and otherwise fantastic life. He has got everything he needs, great job, lots of money, and a variety of interests and social circles. Since his divorce six years ago he never wanted to commit to anybody. He had always swore he would never get married again.

He was dating on and other internet dating sites, meeting a variety of women, going out on dates, socializing and once in a while taking a woman home after a date. He has had some sporadic short term relationships, but nothing serious.

Recently I ran into him after not seeing him for some time. I remembered talking to my friend a while ago when he told me he had started seeing someone. Naturally, when I bumped into him recently I asked whether he was still seeing the same woman. Guess what, he told me she had moved in and they were planning to get married.

So, what made a man who was a commitment phobic commit to one woman? The answer is easy. She was a special woman. She wasn't like anyone else he had dated before. To understand the psychological profile of a commitment phobic, check out my post Commitment Phobic Man

So, what did make a commitment phobic change? Do you want to know how men perceive commitment and what makes a man commit? Click Here

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