He Suddenly Stopped Calling Me. Should I Call Him?

Published: 13th March 2009
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Things don't always go like we want them to. You meet a great man. He seems to like you and you like him back. He calls you. Finally, you found a man who calls when he says he will. You feel like you can just relax around this guy because he is calling you every day just to see how you are doing.

This feeling is great and you get used to hearing from him every day. But something happens and he stops calling you. A day goes by and you start wondering. Then you start checking whether your phone is working. No worries, just to make sure, your self-talk says.

Another hour or two go by. Still no call from him.

What's going on, you wonder. You really start to get anxious. Why doesn't he call?

Sounds familiar?

And what do you do when a guy stops calling? Do you wait for him to call or do you jump to the phone and dial his number? And what if he doesn't answer? Do you call him again?

But if he doesn't return your phone calls you start feeling even more anxious.

Should I call him again? You wonder. And you try to justify the fact you are calling him for the fifth time by the fact that he used to call you. He called. But then he stopped. That must be ok to call him, you think since he called first.

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